What is SEO Website Optimization

SEO Optimization

A professional search engine optimization agency, when working with a new client, starts with the analysis of the business area, the competition strength and the most effective possibilities of intervention. There are two main aspects covered, which are “On Page” and “Off Page” optimization.

On Page Optimization

On-page SEO is mainly about creating content, using all relevant keywords (on your site) that Google or other search engines “want to read” to classify your website as important to the high ranking on the results pages. It includes creating or optimizing the existing page titles, title tags, and the page descriptions. More content may need to be added to ensure a good user experience, which Google values highly. In fact, the user experience is one of the main ways the search engines determine which sites they will rank higher than others.

Off Page Optimization

Off page SEO is the creation of high-quality, sustainable backlinks (links “pointing” to your website), or link building. The quality and quantity of the backlinks have a decisive influence on the search engine ranking, which is why the off page has a higher relevance than the on page optimization. However, without good content in place, no amount of good backlinking will make much difference.

Google Ranking

At present, about 200 factors are known to exist, which are used in the search engine algorithms to sort and place the search results. There are also many unknown factors which are intentionally kept secret by the search engines. This is in order to prevent tampering and to ensure the most useful results possible.

Therefore, no agency can guarantee a serious SEO service, “the first placement on Google”. Search engine optimization is a very sensitive area. Damage can be caused by unprofessional SEO activities, typically known and referred to under the term Black Hat SEO. You will often see an agency refer to the fact that they do not use black hat techniques. A good example is Monumental SEO, who provides SEO optimization St. Petersburg, FL.

In the worst case of using these types of techniques, this leads to the removal from the respective search engine index, or the site being de-indexed, which would mean an incalculable, long-term damage to their online business. Usually there is no way to come back from such damage, and requires a completely new domain and website being constructed.

Analysis of the Online Business

A proficient agency will provide their clients with customized SEO campaigns tailored to their individual needs. All work should be performed professionally with clean and transparent techniques. The activities should be documented without exception and are always visible to you.

The most successful SEO businesses make it their motto to do an excellent job at fair prices, in order to maximize the client’s business success. You will not find a better price performance ratio!

Independent studies show that the best online business concept is doomed to failure without sustainable, professional, and efficient integration into the Internet. That means without knowledgeable and expert optimization, a website simply cannot be found easily online, limiting the traffic and customers coming to it. Therefore, SEO is considered by many to be a necessary business expense in the marketing budget.


SEO Ranking Factors for Dummies

With books out for dummies in hundreds of subjects, it only makes sense that there should be information on ranking for dummies. And we all start that way in the beginning, so there is no shame for someone who feels like a dummy or newbie when it comes to SEO and ranking a website.

SEO isn’t difficult, as much as many people would like you to believe. It’s more about being observant of what works and learning about the search engines, Google being the primary one, and what factors they use when ranking a site. You’ve come to the right place to learn!